2018-2019 Levant Home Football Shirt

At the time of upcoming of the 2018-19 season, our company has sourced a batch of Levant football shirts. Avid football fans could don on the latest cloth to pledge allegiance to the Levante U.D. In addition to above football kits, many a football shirt could be found from our selection. Many may doubt the quality of our products — why they are sold at such low prices. For the purpose of bring more benefits to customers, many middlemen have been cut to reduce unnecessary costs, so that customers could get favorite football shirts at low prices. See more cheap-and-cheerful on the website https://cheapfootballshirtsreplica.net/.

The football club was originally registered as Levante football club, and now is renowned as Levante Union Deportiva — the once most senior football club from Valencia. Since the Levante squad’s establishment and accession to football playing, football club Valencia also established themselves as the biggest rival of Levante. In the period of Spanish civil war, Levante only possessed a small place with top four football teams. Shortly after, the only place was damaged and they had to share a ground with another football club. It the the reason that they merged with another club and renamed as Union Deportiva Levante-Gimnastico.

Shortly after, the club changed their name to Levante Union Deportiva, but the symbolic color and nickname followed them after their name changing. Having went though a tough period in 16-17 season, Levante managed it through the La Liga and ranked the 13th throughout the whole season. Nonetheless, they spared no efforts to qualify for the senior league, and won more opportunities to participate in many leagues.

Macron has reached the cooperation with Leavante until the end of 18-19 season. Some speculated that Macron hoped to cooperate with Levante for links and popularity with Italy, so that they could figure out Italian connections with the Spanish football club. In addition, the club’s special identity is also the factor contributing to the cooperation.

Let’s look at details of the 2018-19 Levante home football shirt, and some characteristics are as follows:

Collared neckline

Macron logos

100% polyester

“LUD 1909” on back collar

Blue and red stripes running from top to end

The white Macron logo and the emblem are printed on the left chest and embroidered onto the left chest and right chest respectively. The home football shirt is decorated with a blue collar with a button opening. Besides, the inside of neck is also printed with the quote “Un Pasado Para Honrar, Un Futuro Por Conquisto” in white. Those printed words mean “A past to Honor, A Future to Conquer”. For the application of Mperformance System to improve the outlook of the professional apparel.

All products would be shipped from manufacturer directly, and they are all comfortable and breathable. With assistance of such kit, one could be cool and comfortable no matter on and off football fields.

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