Buy High-quality Celta Football Kits

The Celta and Adidas unveiled the new 2016-17 football kits of the football club, following the long history of the football club while introducing brand new fashionable design. New football kit is manufactured by Climacool technology, promoting the ventilation of air around human body. People can keep cool and dry even in 90-minute competition.

New home football shirts follow the sky blue tradition of the football club. Three dark blue stripes are knitted on both sides of the kit, which extend from the areas under arms to the shorts bottom. As an innovative design, yellow elements are added into new football kits. The Triskel pattern is printed on areas under the back collar, meaning the Celta and the whole Galicia area.

The Celta away kit is predominately dark blue, accompanying with yellow stripes on should panels and collar. The away kit echoes with the design of Celta home kit. The front of away shirt is printed with sky blue slender stripe, and the Triskel pattern is printed on back collar.

The Celta published the new 2016-17 Celta third kit before the football match against Standard Liege. As an added cloth of two previous clothes for competitions, the new third kit has a new brand new design different with previous kit. The front of the predominately black is printed with dark bicolor horizontal stripes. The symbolic sky blue is added into the detail design of the third shirt, displaying long history of the football club. People can keep cool and dry even in 90-minute competition.

The latest 2017-18 Celta football kit is published by Li Liga club Celta, and new football kit is manufactured by Adidas. New home and away kits are full of passion and energy, taking “from the stadium to the street” as a theme.

The predominately sky blue Celta home kit are adorned by some red details, combining with a V-shaped collar. Symbolic three stripes are woven onto areas under two arms. The advertisement at the center of front is sponsored by the famous beer of Spain Estrella Galicia.

Brand new away kit is predominately black with some sky blue details. The Henry collar is adorned by three symbolic stripes on shoulder panels. It is similar to home shirts, with well sponsorship with renowned Spain beer Estrella Galicia. For the assistance of the high-tech Cilmacool, it allows football players running quickly on football pitch with joyful wearing experience. When preserve the flexibility and elasticity of kit, lighter fabric providing more space for free movements to football players, improving the ventilation ability of kits.

The site will update more information on new shirts of the football club, satisfying all football fans of Celta and pleasing all people enthusiastic about these new shirts. We will also recommend some similar websites for people who would like to purchase cost-effective, low-cost or high-quality football kits to show supports to their favorite teams. Adults and youths dedicate themselves in football playing also could find the most suitable kits for them to exclude interference for football players.

High-quality Deportivo Alavés Football Kits

Deportivo Alavés and Hummel unveiled brand new 2016-17 Deportivo Alavés football kits jointly, integration club’s tradition, local character and fashion trending into the new football kits to celebrate the top-flight stage after many years.

After return to the top-flight La Liga, all footballer of club Deportivo Alavés will continue wearing traditional white and blue football kits. The main color of the new football kits is blue. Four vertical white stripes are printed on the front evenly, and the shoulder panels and flanks are adorned by symbolic arrow pattern of Hummel.

The highlight of the new shirt lies in collar part, reshaping the collar popular in the 1980s of the brand and praising the great movement – returning La Liga after many years. It is also a kind of retrospection of the previous prime time.

The small pattern of Ikurriña is printed on back collar. The new Deportivo Alavés away football shirts are pink, which is derived from the flag of Álava.

In addition, all football players will choose different socks as face various rivals.

Duplicated Deportivo Alavés Football Kits

KELME and Spain Deportivo Alavés unveiled the new 2017-18 Deportivo Alavés football shirts, including home and away football kits of Deportivo Alavés. KELEM has become the provider of Deportivo Alavés’s new devices. Notable and fashionable design displayed the classic image of the football club while the new design also emphasizes the close connection between the football club and the city it located in.

The Deportivo Alavés will continue to wear the symbolic white and blue striped football shirts on sports fields; compared with previous football shirts, the new football shirts are adorned with broader stripes, and black details are introduced in the new edition design. The sleeves and whole back are blue, strengthening the overall effects of football players. Home shorts and socks are all blue, echoing with the design of home football shirts. The football shorts are finished with black trimmings.

New lighter football shirts and special fabric of the shirts will improve the performances of football players on football pitch. The delicate letters “DA” are a part of the club crest, representing the name of the football club –Deportivo Alavés. A sentence loved by football fans –Lurralde baten nortasuna, hiri baten harrotasuna was knitted on interior of the shirt’s collar.

The small pattern of Ikurriña is printed on back collar, emphasizing the source of the football club and its profound cultural base. The official crest of La Liga is printed on one blue sleeve.

The black away football kit returns to sight of people in new season, which has exit the sight for long time. Oblique blue stripes are introduced into its design, combining novel fashion and dynamic energy. Away shorts and socks are all black, echoing with the design of football shirts. Similar oblique blue stripes are also printed on the open of the black away socks. The design of away football shirts follow home football shirts.